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Resources: BWW Exp & CS2 Expression Maps

If you look at the navigation bar at the top, you will have noticed the new Resources section. Good for you :)
That brand-new section of will host a number of additions helping you build your template. Kontakt Multis, Expression Maps, Template files and many more things.

I’d like to kick things off with Expression Maps for the recently released Berlin Woodwinds Expansion A (adding Eb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Contrabassoon to the library) as well as Cinematic Strings 2. Both sets are free downloads from the Resources section, so head over and grab `em while they are hot!

House Call: Soundology (London/UK)

Soundologo Nainita Desai

Recently I had the chance to do some on-location work. While being tremendous fun, template building is pretty solitary most of the time, so those on-location builds always are a treat.

This time, the road (or rather: the plane) led to more or less rainy London, UK, where I helped composer extraordinaire Nainita Desai of Soundology fame plan and setup her composing template. Here’s a nice picture (please marvel at the custom-built studio Nainita and her partner in crime Malcolm have built here!):

Soundology (Nainita Desai, London/UK)

Doing this was a wonderful experience - there’s nothing like being on the road :)

Here’s a quote from Nainita herself:

I am transitioning from Logic Pro to Cubase over a period of several months and so employed Tobias to set up a basic template in Logic Pro with VE Pro and a more extensive one in Cubase so that I could utilise VE Pro instances between both DAW systems. He is also writing custom Lemur setups for various Sample libraries which work beautifully.Tobias's after support, enthusiasm and extensive specialist knowledge are superb. He is very efficient and offers excellent custom solutions for your individual requirements.I am looking forward to developing my system further with his continued support and wicked sense of humour !

New Website

Welcome to the redesigned!
New layout, new design, same unique counseling service as before :)

You may notice the new novatlansound Network bar at the top of the page, which leads to to other sites run by me. Just in case you want to learn a bit about my work as a composer and educator or read about Music in Middle-earth.

There’s a lot of template goodness to come in 2013, so watch this space!

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