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The working template is one of a composer's greatest treasures. It defines our sound, it helps us work efficiently and allows us to adapt to an ever-changing and ever-challenging market.

Vienna Ensemble Pro has become one of the leading solutions for building such a template, either locally on one machine or spread over multiple host machines up to a true server farm. Helping composers from all over the world to make their dream of the perfect template come true, builds on a broad range of experience and sets out to provide the modern working composer with the tools needed for the trade.

From its humble beginnings with "Setting up an Orchestral Template with VE Pro and Logic Pro", has become the place to go for hardware and software planning and template setup for all musical styles. Since its foundation in 2010, an ever growing number of film/game, classical and pop/rock/metal composers have realized their composing template with our help. Using VE Pro and providing custom DAW controllers, multis and other composing tools, our templates are relied upon daily all over the world. Head to the Setup page to learn more.


our services

template consulting
daw building advice
server farm building
reverb setup
stem creation / bussing
control surface integration
cubase expression maps
load optimization
custom multis and patches

So glad I have you to help me with immense projects like this! I probably wouldn't even try anything this expansive if I didn't know you were there to help me. Very grateful for you!
Richard Bartlett (Seattle, USA); user of a very large mobile template
I worked with Tobias in planning and setting up my latest filmscoring template. His support saved me time and frustration. Tobias´s like Tarzan in the MIDI jungle.
Christian Wibe (Oslo, Norway)
Tobias's after support, enthusiasm and extensive specialist knowledge are superb. He is very efficient and offers excellent custom solutions for your individual requirements.
Nainita Desai (London, UK)
I will never stop thanking my friend Tobias Escher of for how he improved my life as composer. He offered me full assistance and great competence at all levels while setting a huge orchestral template for all my needs. Top quality offered from a wonderful and positive person sharing his immense knowledge at ridiculous prices. Thanks to him and his “tips and tricks” I also reduced the time needed to write a song or an orchestral piece, improving drastically my studio workflow. If you go for you are surely making the right choice!”
Luca Turilli (Italy); songwriter/composer;
After having so much problems with my virtual instruments and endless computer crashes I finally have found the solution and by browsing on the net I found In no time Tobias flew in from Frankfurt to Hongkong. I couldn't believe that I could have over 1000 sounds on my template and no crashes. Tobias built my orchestral templates and maintains them for me remotely which is awesome and most importantly "a peace of mind". His expertise in building templates for composers is ultimate. I have always had problems trying to finish projects - not Because of my ability but problems with computer stability, latencies, crashes and compatibility. I am really thankful to, Tobias for his forever support.
Chris Babida (Hongkong); Composer, Orchestrater, Music Director and Conductor
Tobias is truly the best at navigating the technical process of setting up an orchestral template on multiple machines. He carefully explained every step on multiple levels so it was extremely easy to follow along. He is a consummate professional on all levels. I couldn't have done it with out his help and am so grateful I stumbled across his website!
Dylan Agajanian (Huntington Beach, USA)

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