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What are Orchestral Templates?

Composing for media requires the composer to have a large array of instruments patches at the ready. When a particular moment requires a specific instrument, it needs to be ready to play as quickly as possible. Not only because the schedule demands it, but also to not loose that precious spark of creativity. Loading things as they are needed might work for for a while, but not only is it very time-consuming, but also almost impossible to do once the number of available instruments reaches a certain number - plain and simple one cannot remember thousands of individual patches.

What you need at your fingertips

The solution is creating a template containing all commonly used instruments and patches - and then some. The main purpose of having a template is to be able to load a project and have everything important ready to go. To this end, the patch content is carefully selected from all the libraries you own. Instruments are sorted, grouped and made accessible at a glance including folder organization and uniform abbreviation schemes.

Stemming and Bussing

Most media gigs require delivery of the final product not only as a summed audio file in various formats, but also with individual sections or even reverb chains separately exported. A template features pre-configured stems and busses that can be exported all at once with a single click; including separated dry and wet section stems.

Load once, compose all day

A template has another big advantage: Since all samples are loaded outside your sequencer project, switching between projects requiring the same general set of sounds is pretty much instantaneous because the sounds can stay in memory with the project just referencing to them via MIDI channels. Even with changing templates, the actual loading process can be fully automated, even over multiple machines cross-platform. Last but not least, a template can be used with multiple sequencers - no need to build the same setup twice if a project requires hopping between different sequencers.

Sounding great right out of the box

This basic template setup is just the beginning. A well-configured template can feature all instruments pre-mixed, providing a realistic orchestral sound without the need for mixing and panning while composing. Any track composed with a template set up in such a way will sound realistic out of the box. While not completely eliminating the need for some final polish for the finished product, it will get you 90% of the way without any effort on your part. Add a general purpose mastering chain switchable in the template and it becomes possible to create showcase-ready mockups for your clients when proofing time comes.

Good to be a Control Freak

Every sample library works differently and requires different CCs, keyswitches and workflows. Not anymore! Unified assignments that work the same for all libraries in your template without breaking patch compatibility when updates come mean you only need to remember a single set of controls. And if you want, our custom-built touchscreen interfaces have you covered here, too.

Bringing studio integration to the next level

On composing setups using more than one machine, making sure everything is loaded correctly can be very time-consuming. With custom-tailored software, has you covered. A special network PC manager lets you see system load at a glance from your main machine for all slaves and makes sure the template loads correctly as soon as the network is ready. Press the power button and the system will do the rest. And of course the system will take care of backups and asset management automatically.

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Bifröst is our custom-built solution to make sure your machines always play along!
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Clearly labeled template content makes finding sounds a breeze.

An orchestral template will speed up your workflow, show you the treasures hidden on your library drives and will allow you to be productive faster and longer. Give it a try!

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