tools for media composers featured in Thinkspace Education course

Renowned course and music degree provider Thinkspace Education have published a course about the basics of template building, called "Template in a Weekend".
For the course content, creator Guy Michelmore took the time to host a quite exhaustive interview with me about all things templates. Audio snippets from that very nice interview are interspersed with the course text and it is a great source of information!
Check it out and of course if after working through the course you have any questions or want some guidance, you know where to find me!

Logic Pro X Tutorial Update 11/2015

The Orchestral Templates with VE Pro 5 tutorial has been updated slightly to correct some mistakes and new new developments into account.
Make sure you're reading version 2.4, which can be download on the Tutorial page.
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Tutorial updated for Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X
Apple’s surprise release of Logic Pro X has brought a major I redesign to the software. Some minor changes in the software also mean that some things are done differently than before. All this is reason enough for a brand-new version of Orchestral Templates with VE Pro 5.

Version 2.2 of the tutorial adds redone screenshots made with Logic Pro X as well as some content changes. Because of the differences between Logic Pro 9 and the new version, the tutorial optimized for Logic Pro 9 will still be available for download. Head over to the tutorial page and download the tutorial!

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